How to consolidate your Salesforce Process Builders

Overview In our last article, we talked about how easy it is for process builders to bloat over time, causing significant technical debt and Apex CPU timeouts. In this article, we want to guide you through what that process of consolidation actually looks like. This is unfortunately not a project you can expect to be […]

Avoiding Apex CPU Timeout Errors: Process Builder Edition

It’s a scene that is likely all-too-familiar to the average Salesforce user or admin: you’re trying to complete what seems like a pretty simple task like doing a data load or updating some records. Then BAM! You’re hit with a big, nasty error that looks something like this: Apex CPU time limit exceeded: a Salesforce […]

How to set up Salesforce Surveys

Salesforce Surveys was released in Spring ’18 and, since then, has been further enhanced with more features. Still, resources on how to set up and work with surveys are still quite scarce. In this blog post we will walk you through the setup process for Salesforce Surveys and call out some of the gotchas so […]

Salesforce Summer 20 Release: Top 6 features

Summer 20 is here! Salesforce Summer 20 is right upon us with the final window of release being July 17-18, so we at Candybox CRM thought we would drop a blog to highlight the top 6 features we are most excited about! Kanban View Enhancements Split View Big Deal Alerts Optimizer App Full View Layout […]

How to send Slack alerts from Salesforce in ten minutes or less

There are almost endless use cases for why you might want to get notified in Slack when something happens in Salesforce. Some examples off the top of my head are: An opportunity has moved into Closed Won 🙌 An accounts health has dropped into the negative ‼️ A new lead has come in that requires […]