Beginner Admin Certification Path

Salesforce has one of the best self learning products in the industry with Trailhead. It’s so good you should browse Microsoft’s learning website and see if you notice any similarities. It’s created a point of entry for anyone with some determination to start setting up an org and run with it. This post is going […]

Salesforce Data Export Service

So you’ve just started working on a new org and you’re responsible for it! Whether this is anything from a new or recent implementation all the way to something mature there’s endless amounts of best practices and feature enablement you should consider to help you sleep at night. In a series of posts, we’re going […]

How to Setup Pipeline Inspection

Salesforce rarely gives out new features like Pipeline Inspection for free, so when they do you should consider it another checkbox on the list of ways to maximize your Salesforce investment. Frankly, Salesforce does not provide the strongest out of the box tools for sales and sales management personas to track the ebb and flow […]

Opportunity Stage Rename Hack

Ever been asked to rename Opportunity stage names by your sales business stakeholders? This seemingly simple request can be a headache inducing nightmare for Salesforce teams because stage names can often be some of the most interdependent values in your org. It can be awkward to have to explain that changing some names can take […]