Behind the curtain: How Sleek are powering events though Salesforce

Sleek is a cutting-edge London events agency that connects cloud-based companies with the real world through unforgettable experiences and events. Every day, team members at Sleek coordinate all the moving parts that make an event memorable – sometimes months in advance.

Despite solid growth, Sleek did not have a streamlined process for their business development and account management functions. The process of taking both new and existing clients from brief to delivery was scattered. The company was also struggling to integrate several different applications in their tech stack to form a single centralised 360 view of the customer. In addition, forecasting was difficult as data was scattered across multiple employee inboxes and spreadsheets.

“After 5 years of fast growth, Sleek realised that we needed to implement additional technology to help centralise and support the business.

Our concentration had been heavily focused towards building the business as well as maintaining the successful growth that had followed. For us, it made sense that the next step would be to implement the right technology to help support and grow the business even further and take Sleek to the next level.”

– Lizzie Burdge, Client Relationship Director at Sleek.

Candybox was referred to Sleek’s Commercial Director, Arran, by a previous colleague who had worked with Ryan Scott of Candybox in the past. Ryan kicked off the project by questioning Sleek’s existing business processes to determine whether they were actually helping the company to scale or inadvertently hindering that growth. The goal was to deliver a clean yet custom solution based on Sleek’s individual workflows, rather than trying to force an out of the box solution that didn’t truly fit the company and their way of working.

The solution? A platform founded on a number of Sales Cloud’s powerful functionalities, forming a centralised hub for all of Sleek’s data to flow through. A streamlined lead to cash process was implemented to provide structure and guidance. Salesforce was integrated with Outlook to facilitate the logging of conversations with new potential clients and provide the Account Management team with a place to improve relationships with existing clients. With that foundation in place, the Candybox team moved on to analytics. Customised reports and dashboards were created for the senior management, RevOps, and Finance teams to allow them to see how each of their teams were performing at a glance, as well as measuring attainment towards KPIs and the overall health of the company.

Sleek benefitted from one of Candybox’s quickstart packages to get the initial phase in motion and users in the system in just 10 days. Adoption was over 90% within the first week and user training in each team took less than an hour to complete. With an easy to use but powerful build, Salesforce has become part of Sleek’s vernacular. Alongside email, Sleek’s users are logging into Salesforce first thing in the morning and management are using it in strategic meetings.

“Candybox took a personalised approach to our business; they didn’t build an out of the box solution; they tailored it to our needs with industry knowledge and best practices”.

– Arran Cruickshanks, Commercial Director at Sleek