How to Pick the Right Salesforce Consultant for Your Company

Salesforce is a powerful tool for organizations, making it possible to run a profitable, growing company. But like any great tool, it’s only as effective as the skills of the person who wields it.

Businesses can fully utilize Salesforce with the right consultant.

A professional who can integrate the platform with the needs of your company will make all the difference. You can take advantage of the benefits and features available to you and create a system that helps you meet the needs of customers and reach your goals.

Not all Salesforce consultants are equal though. Some are more skilled than others. Or you might have the perfect expert but they aren’t the right fit for your industry or unique needs. You should find the best consultant that can help you utilize Salesforce and grow your business.

Here are a few ways you can identify the right consultant for you.

Evaluate Their Social Proof

There are many factors that you can’t measure when you meet a consultant. Do they work well under pressure? Can they solve a complex problem? Do they get along with staff and management? The best way we can evaluate these is by analyzing their reputation and social proof.

Check their website for testimonials. Are they real people and companies and do they seem genuine? Check for LinkedIn testimonials and any platform that may rate their service or reputation. Do their peers and network see them as credible authority?

See if they have a social presence. How do they communicate with others? Does their personal brand reflect someone you want influencing your company and staff?

This research will save you many headaches and help you identify the right person.

Understand Price vs. Value

A cheaper price doesn’t mean you’ll get good value. You are often sacrificing one for the other.

It’s common to see professionals pay for something cheaper but subconsciously expect a higher value. Ultimately, they are disappointed, and often blame the person they purchased from. After evaluating quality and track record, price is the biggest indicator of the value you should expect.

How do you reconcile with price and value?

We all have different budgets and needs. It’s best to identify the kind of budget you can afford. Realize that something like a Salesforce consultant can directly affect your bottom line, so it’s an investment for the future growth of your organization.

See if your budget matches the kind of value you need or expect. Adjust accordingly.

Choose an Expert in Your Field

A great Salesforce consultant could still be a bad fit for your company. They need to know the ins and outs of your industry. Are they knowledgeable about your market?

A consultant can customize their service and output based on what you need. That’s why understanding your business and industry is critical. If they aren’t well-versed in what you do, they can’t meet your needs to the fullest.

General solutions leave lost potential on the table and may miss critical problems that could have been anticipated in the future by a consultant with more applicable experience.

Choose Someone Who Matches Your DNA

Company DNA is vital to a successful company. It affects productivity, customer service, and even seeps into your brand and customer perception.

Your consultant will be working closely with leadership and relevant staff. If they don’t have the right attitude, it will affect your company’s DNA. If they have a different work ethic or philosophy, it will influence others. If they have a different vision or perspective for your brand, it may shift for everyone and make it much harder to fix later.

On the other hand, a consultant with the same DNA will empower your company. They will help add value to the relationships around them and even inspire them through new changes and possibilities.

Pick a Salesforce Consultant Who Gets Your Technology

Salesforce may be the heart of your revenue operations, but your surrounding tech stack is its backbone. You’ll likely need to integrate what you have with Salesforce. All your data and workflows need to work harmoniously together to effectively use it.

If a Salesforce consultant doesn’t know how to use or integrate your infrastructure, you could be paying for a lot more time for their service and see lesser value.

At Candybox, we operate primarily in the startup and technology space. On a regular basis, we see various tools, such as Outreach, SalesLoft, Sales Navigator, DocuSign, Ironclad, Zendesk, Hubspot, LeanData and dozens more, and therefore are familiar with their best practices in terms of setup and configuration. This familiarity allows us to move faster and realize more value than a consultant who is unfamiliar with this type of tech stack.

Check with consultants and ask if they are familiar with the other tools you use.

When you look for a Salesforce consultant, make sure they are the best fit in your industry, tech solutions, and company DNA. When you find the right professional, you position your company for future growth. They have the power to optimize your business for a better product, customer service, and organized business.

What do you look for in a great consultant?