Spring ‘21: Survey Improvements

For many years, Salesforce left surveying features to third-party vendors. However, since the Spring ‘18 release, Surveys are now available for creation and sharing from right within Salesforce, no coding required.

Here are some great updates from the Spring ‘21 release that we think will have an impact on how you send, share and create surveys.

1. Schedule via flow

A new method to help automate survey scheduling and reminder emails without the need of a Feedback Management License is through a Surveys flow action.

In your flow you’ll drag the Action element onto the canvas, select Surveys as the category, and then from the Actions search bar select from the list of active surveys in your org. Name the action, configure the recipient and you’re ready to go.

This is another change that allows greater flexibility and enables users to move away from process builder when using Surveys.

2. Survey Invitation Rules

With this release you will now have a new option in Setup called “Survey Invitation Rules”. From here you can create multiple survey triggers that will each send a survey based on a created and/or updated record. To get more insights from your customers, you’ll need to create a custom metadata type that will capture Engagement Context. It will have its own parameters to help define which recipients will receive a survey based on the rule.

If you have the Feedback Management License, you’ll also be able to set up Survey Invitation Rules based on your Customer Lifecycle Map.

3. Send Surveys via Org-Wide Addresses

A simple but handy feature, you will now be able to choose a default email sender from your Organization-Wide Addresses for each of your Surveys.

4. Embed Surveys in webpages

If you have the Salesforce Feedback Management license, you will now have the ability to embed your survey link in an iframe on any webpage.

5. Survey progress bar

Although perhaps not as glamorous as the features listed above, this is a nice UI upgrade that your participants will surely notice when filling out your surveys. Once the feature is live, new surveys will automatically have the progress bar enabled (although it’s still not clear if it will be automatically enabled for existing surveys).